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Gossman Consulting Inc can help medical waste processing companies develop the technology to go beyond the safe and proper disposal of medical waste to the recycling and reuse of much of that waste. Most medical waste is paper and plastic. Current treatment options include disinfection via chemical treatment or large scale autoclaves followed by landfilling or incineration. Direct incineration is also an option. None of these options make effective use of the paper and plastic that makes up the medical waste. GCI can move medical waste options from disposal to recycling and reuse for the fuel and material value found in the waste stream.


GCI has worked on both the medical waste treatment side as well as the end use side of this problem for nearly 20 years. We have helped in the development of patents in this field that are listed below. We are prepared to help companies take full advantage of these technologies or develop new technologies to take full advantage of options to move medical waste out of the realm of disposal. We have had particular success in tests that have proven the viability of using processed medical waste in both cement kilns and brick kilns. We are prepared to make this experience work for your company as well.


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